三高 |AMNUA零方案第十四回

Trio -14th Round, AMNUA Zero Program








Artists: Gao Ludi, Gao Yan, and Gao Yu.

Curator: Li Boyan

Director of AMNUA Zero Program: Wang Yamin

Exhibition Time: October 11, at 3 PM – November 11, 2015

Exhibition Location: Zero Space, 1st floor Art Museum of Nanjing University of Art




The exhibition connects three unrelated artists in a rigid way and forms an exhibition that should not have existed. In the curating period, the curator wrote a biography of an imaginary person, instead of doing research on the artists. The artists were required to create a work from the starting point of “height” for the exhibition, as props, or supplements, for the curator’s fictional character’s biography.

The exhibition’s restriction is that the family names of the three artists are Gao, with height (a second meaning of the Chinese character Gao, 高) as point of departure of exploration in their work. The origin of the theme was built upon a similar summary of well-known people among the common in Chinese tradition, for example four well educated person would be called Four Talents, while five general with military talents Five Tiger-like Generals. In Chinese art world, there are Three Su, Four Wang, Two Wang, and Two Mi, which are all summarizations using family names. For regionally prominent people, it sometimes put the name of the region in front of the number, such as Haiyu Two Feng refers to two brothers, Feng Shu and Feng Ban, Yushan School poets during late Ming and early Qing dynasty. Both ways of summarization were to make the names easier to spread and circulate. In literature, writers borrows such methods occasionally. In Song dynasty, Ma Tingluan had a poem named Reminiscence of Two Li; while in modern China Lao She wrote the novel Two Ma. The artists in the exhibition Trio Gao are Gao Ludi, Gao Yan and Gao Yu, with their work independent of past successes.