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the cramps guitar


More Versions. It’s spontaneous and thrilling…”. In their studied imitations of the sonic stereotypes of the 50s, Interior and Rorschach inject an electric venom which is their real trademark: Mephistopholes stole the souls of two hick kids and is now preaching evil to a rockabilly beat. strascicati come John Lee Hooker comanda, quelli di Queen Of Pain e Their continued homage to Saturday night civilisation (horror movies at the drive-in, the small hours in the dancehall, sex on the back seat) is becoming a rock institution as though it were a subculture museum, an adulterated version of Dr. Caligari’s laboratory and Todd Browning’s freakshow. Fra cent'anni sembreranno dei classici. Whereas alone we might have just been nameless drifters. sceneggiate spassose di I Wanna Get In Your Pants (con il riff di Louie The fanged voodoobilly of Mean Machine and Let's Get Fucked Up or the epileptic dance of Ultra Twist and Inside Out And Upside Down still know how to take r&r by the crank (sexual pun intended). Get It All Instant and unlimited access to all of our sheet music, video lessons, and more with G-PASS! See more ideas about the cramps, cramp, poison ivy. Love of music was in her blood (her grandfather was a violinist who had played with John Phillips Sousa) and she demonstrated her musical leanings early on. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. Standout tracks in this esoteric kaleidoscope for their overdose of ferocity and black humour, are the unruly pounding of Zombie Dance, the rough and exhausting ‘danse macabre’ which is I Was A Teenage Werewolf and, above all, Sunglasses After Dark, an obsessive whirlpool of nightmarish horror where the murderous-sounding Interior, grotesque and sinister, accompanies Ivy’s menacing animalesque gallop and Gregory’s slashing lysergic discharges. Stay Sick. Elvis Fucking Christ, Big Black Witchcraft Rock and “Human Fly” – The Cramps, with short promo film by Alex de Laszlo, 1986, “starring” Poison Ivy and Lux Interior: dall'assenza del basso. Ver 2 * Pro Play This Tab. una versione fortemente adulterata Sign up Log in. White-rock’n’roll fanatics, mesmerized by horror B-movies, they decided to merge their interests in a kind of voodoo rockabilly which, after being taken under Alex Chilton’s wing a year later at CBGB’s (first concert, the 31st of October), became the most macabre, hardcore punk show in the New York scene. She was the queen, the high priestess, rock ‘n’ roll incarnate, a consummate symbol of dangerous music in her garter belts and vinyl mules, her hennaed curls crowned with a prom-queen tiara ( “No queen of rock n’ roll should be caught dead without a crown,”) jerking the fretboard of her massive Gretsch toward the audience like the barrel of a gun. Lux toyed with calling himself “VipVop” and “Raven Beauty,” before settling on Lux Interior, a name he lifted from a car ad. Most interviewers spoke directly to her civil partner, Cramps front man Lux Interior, and largely ignored Poison Ivy, whose guitar work on her famous hollow-body Gretsch was the backbone of the Cramps sound. sono ora piu` parodistiche della sotto-cultura a cui si ispirano. sinistro dello swamp-rock, e Can't Find My Mind, un blues cingolato, God, I do love a happy ending.”. corona questo indegno spettacolo di puerilita`. Now, you don't seriously expect that I can post on Elvis and not followup with The Cramps, right? operaio chitarrista a tempo perso, Bryan Gregory, e decisero di metter su banda la palma di punk-show piu` macabro e hard core della scena newyorkese. horror degli inizi, e sempre naturalmente a passo di rock and roll. Later on in life at a show in Miami I waited all night just to see them come out the door to hear them through the walls I was too young to get in but I was going to fucking meet them. personaggi che interpretano non puo` che portare a effetti devastanti the Cramps became America's prime porn-rockers, but it mostly deals with We’re both romantic people, which helps. Deprived of his demonic catalysm, but with Kid Congo Powers (ex-Gun Club and Ivy’s partner) on second guitar, on Psychedelic Jungle (IRS, 1981), their next record, the Cramps kicked back on tracks like Voodoo Idol, which approaches the sinister sound of swamp-rock, the jangling blues of Can't Find My Mind, and in two more breakneck vampiric revisitations: Goo Goo Muck and The Crusher. Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots, l'inno che Great article, really enjoyed it Their poses belong to the stereotypes of horror, but their truculence is so overblown as to descend into parody. Ivy had a pair of gold lame pants made to mimic a pair the Duchess had worn onstage, as a sartorial tribute. “Nobody ever talks to me about music or guitar,” Poison Ivy Rorschach, the lead guitarist of the Cramps, once said, frustrated by the lack of serious attention given to her musical chops by the pop press. Suggestionati dai film dell'orrore di serie B, Their first album, Songs the Lord Taught us (Illegal, 1980), is one of the masterpieces of the New Wave: Interior’s hiccuping, sepulchral, lycanthropic shaman-guru voice, wrapped in layers of echo, the surly rockabilly figures of Ivy, grotesque guitar anti-virtuoso, the crazed 6-string distortion of Gregory, heir apparent to the satanic perversion of the Stooges, and the occult and tribal primitivism of Nick Knox’s drumming, evocative of the most sinister jungle rites, along with an all-pervading air of amateurism (by their own admission they couldn’t play) are the ingredients of their shameless epilepsy, which sounds to have been torn from atrocious suffering and obsessive neurosis. ha mai imparato a modulare la melodia, la chitarra non e` mai progredita al “I think rock ‘n’ roll’s been in bad shape…” Ivy said in a newspaper interview circa 1990. Not only was she the lead guitarist and occasional bassist, she also produced the majority of the band’s thirteen studio albums and co-wrote all of the band’s original songs. I Cramps, come tutti i classici, sono ormai citazioni di se stessi. One accurate tab per song. Seeing Bo Diddley live in Sacramento was a big factor in inspiring Ivy to move towards music as a lifestyle. I Cramps nacquero nel 1975 dal connubio fra un cantante psicotico come bianco, decisero di fondere le due istanze in un rockabilly voodoo che, What is Kitsch? rarità. e al declino di techno, grunge e britpop. Cranberries tabs Cranes tabs Crash Test Dummies tabs Craig Chaquico tabs Crack The Sky tabs Cracker tabs Home / C / Cramps tabs. The noisy and magestic boogie of Can Your Pussy Do The Dog seems to hint at a return to the ferociousness of yore, but A Date With Elvis (Big Beat, 1986) reduces the rhythmic impact (adding bass to the line-up) in favour of a calmer and more morbid atmosphere and opens a completely new phase in their career: a sort of sexual concept album whose tracks (the tremolo ode How Far Can Too Far Go, the Kinks parody People Ain't No Good, the possessed swamp-country of Cornfeld Dames, the voodoobilly relic What's Inside A Girl and the obscene epic poem Hot Pearl Snatch) build up into an irreverent vein of spicy stories for hungry college kids.

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