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lock top damper installation


*30 foot cable is simple to cut to correct length. The only difference is that the chimney dampers are not sealed using silicone. The Lock-Top’s seal is extremely tight. Step 3 - Close Up the Fireplace . *Free, fast shipping and Guaranteed price . Instead, a different kind of adhesive or screws is used. 4.4 out of 5 stars 19. As fireplaces and chimneys age they tend to deteriorate from use, foundation shifting, and weather. Additional Information. How to Install a Lock Top II Chimney Damper - Installation Video; Jul 25, 2016; Follow the video to ensure a safe and smooth installation. No Hassle Shipping. Chimney caps serve a very important function with your chimney and a chimney cap or lock-top damper from Copper Top Chimney Services in Atlanta, GA may be the answer to your chimney leak problems. Lock-Top II Damper The Lock-Top damper has a specially designed chimney cap. 95. The Lock-Top model shown here has a stainless-steel cap mounted to diagonal spring wire. *Lock-Top II Chimney Damper includes everything needed for easy installation *Comes fully assembled and attaches to top of flue with silicone sealant *Includes Sweeps Ring for easy removal *Cable drops down the flue and mounts in the firebox and opens with simple control handle. But because repairs sometimes require more labor than replacement, the cost-effective choice might be to replace the fireplace damper assembly when repairs are extensive and/or to get the benefit of new equipment. Because lock-top dampers seal at the top of your flue with a rubber gasket, you can bet that no cold air will get in when your chimney is not in use. These dampers block rain from entering your chimney as well, so you do not have to worry about any corrosion is your flue liners or chimney throat. Put the wood and the rack back into the fireplace and close the doors. Stainless steel lid with cast aluminum frame guarantee a lifetime of service. FREE Shipping. Lock-Top Chimney Cap Dampers lock energy in with a seal of silicone rubber. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS As with any product you install, especially on a roof, there are safety precautions, including: • Using a ladder and working on the roof in a safe manner, •Working on the roof on *Free, fast shipping and Guaranteed price. The purpose of the damper is to open to allow the fumes and byproducts of your fire to safely exit the flue and home, and to close when the fireplace is not in use, in order to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping. Lock-Top dampers are designed … ), but unlike a throat damper, a Lock-Top damper provides an airtight seal. Does this part fit my Fireplace / Stove? massivem Akazienholz. The Top Damper may be used on round factory-built chimneys venting a fireplace. They consist of a stainless steel and a non-rusting aluminum framework. A built in safety device locks the chimney top damper open in the event of a chimney fire. Has a broken damper made enjoying a smoke-free fire impossible? Pre-sales question? Step 2 - Install the Fireplace Damper Lock. Write Your Own Review. We will install and maintain your chimney cap to ensure excellent function. Chimneys can be a major factor in losing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. INSTALLATION. Lock Top Damper Chimney Top Damper with Cable Adhesive and Mounting Hardware. Note: Do NOT use Lock-Top dampers with gas logs. They have the experience and expertise it takes to install a lock top damper. Lock-Top 09120 Stainless Steel Lock-Top 13" x 13" Energy-Saving Damper 09120. Heating and cooling costs are rising daily, and you can’t afford to lose any of your energy through your chimney. Installing a lock-top chimney damper is a common project among do-it-yourself homeowners. This means that they will last longer than a conventional iron made damper. *Lock-Top II Chimney Damper includes everything needed for easy installation *Comes fully assembled and attaches to top of flue with silicone sealant *Includes Sweeps Ring for easy removal *Cable drops down the flue and mounts in the firebox and opens with simple control handle. The Top Damper can be installed by homeowners who feel comfortable working on a roof, but U.S. Fireplace Products, Inc. strongly recommends you use the services of a qualified chimney sweep who can also inspect your chimney and provide other valuable home safety services. In fact, Lock-Top dampers come with a factory lifetime guarantee. 95. Installing a Lock Top Damper If you?re sold on the idea of replacing your current damper with a lock top damper, just give Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair a call. Lock-TopTM Energy-Saving Fireplace Damper with Chimney Fire Safety Device Installation Instructions 1. 8''x13'' Lock-Top II Chimney Cap/Damper ¾'' Mesh ... Packaging and instructions were sufficient, as was the installation of the damper on top of my chimney - the entire process took maybe an hour or so, and part of that time was chiseling off some old mortar on top of one side of the clay liner so the damper would sit flat. The cap stays level as it opens and closes. (Includes a Lifetime Warranty, 30' stainless steel cable, adhesive, and mounting hardware.) Tools and parts are thoroughly explained. Is keeping cold air from coming down into your home through the chimney an ongoing battle? The following steps provide a guide on how to use the adhesive while installing chimney damper. Get free shipping on qualified Fireplace Damper Lock-Top products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. *30 foot cable is simple to cut to correct length. Reach up to the damper and install the lock. You?ll be amazed by the savings when your damper system has a tight seal! Facebook; Google; Instagram; Facebook; Google; Instagram; … $239.95 $ 239. The Lock-top II has a lifetime warranty and is available in 3/4" and 5/8" mesh.All of these chimney dampers include everthing for an easy installation and operate easily with a tug on the handle to open or tightly close.Free fast shipping and guaranteed price. A fireplace damper repair can be easily achieved by installing a top-closing damper to take the place of a missing or existing defective damper. Lock Top Damper Installation and Repair. Lock-Top dampers are excellent multi-taskers that do the job of a throat damper and a chimney cap. At All Ohio Masonry we know that dampers sometimes loosen, get stuck, get jostled out of place, or corrode and crumble, leaving the damper unable to do its job. A Lock-Top damper or energy-saving damper is a damper that is connected to the chimney system at the top of the flue. Keep heat and energy in…rain and animals out! Download the Lock Top Damper Installation Manual Here – it details everything you need to know about this great product. See example below. Please call us with any further questions at 866-708-2446. $199.95 $ 199. Contact us! If the cable is outside the indented bar of the fusible link, the damper will not close properly. More Buying Choices $189.00 (5 new offers) Chim Cap Corp. From chimney liners to flue caps and chimney cap and dampers, our chimney supply provides products for chimney sweeps and indivual fireplace owners alike. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Lock-Top dampers are a higher quality damper. The same adhesive is used to seal chimney dampers with top mount orientation. 4.2 out of 5 stars 5. Hinged Damper. FREE Shipping. There isn’t metal-to-metal contact, but a rubber gasket is added to provide the sealing that you need and expect. chimney sweep to install your new damper and clean your chimney at the same time. Lock-Top Dampers. The Lock Top Damper is made for use only with open woodburning masonry fireplace chimneys and are NOT suitable for use in these installations: Don’t use on chimneys serving vented gas logs. Lock-Top Dampers are only available from chimney and hearth professionals Professionals stake their reputation on what they sell. Vented gas logs require the fireplace damper to be removed completely or fixed to a permanently open position; this is to assure that soot, fumes and carbon monoxide do not enter your home. Lock Top II Chimney Damper Installation Instructional Video Note: In order for the damper to close properly the cable must be inside the indented bar that holds the fusible link together. Throat dampers have a metal on metal seal, which makes it easy for outdoor winds to seep in, and because they’re in the lower part of your chimney, these downdrafts really don’t need to travel far to get inside of your home. It comes fully assembled and ready to install directly to the flue tile. Any Chimney Damper purchased from ChimneyDirect.com will withstand the elements and will have high quality construction. Say "yes" to savings Put the Lock-Top Damper to work for you. We carry the Lock-Top Damper Installation Cable Pack as well as the entire Homesaver Pro line - Get free shipping and pay low prices. Jul 7, 2018 - Lock-Top Damper Installation Cable Pack #loghouses 847-893-0063. Installing a lock top chimney damper can be a great way to prevent any energy leakage from your home caused by a chimney. Lock-Top Dampers are only sold through professionals because it takes a professional for proper sizing and installation. The other style has a spring-loaded pivoting cast-metal damper hinged to the frame. Comes with 30 feet of stainless cable, sealant, and all hardware needed for installation. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to install the lock.

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