CURATOR:  Li Boyan

ARTIST:  Li Guang

2019年07月12日 星期五  19:00-22:00

fRUITYSPACE 北京市东城区美术馆东街13号

13 Meishuguan Dong Jie Dongcheng District Beijing






At dusk when pleasure is held off, darkness falls and the dawn will no longer be far away. We foretell in the tranquility, that the dark night is the void. The ancient Greeks found the birth of things in the split, yet integrated rhythm of the Graces, magnificent, joyous and enjoyable. The pursuit of a colorful life has transcended time, coming and going between the darkness and daylight.

“Extra Virgin” is refinement, the beginning of purity and the first drop of oil after squeezing and pressing; it is the birth, the fantasy, the emptying before the stare. These three words, split yet integrated, form a rhapsody on the back of the space-time and sing with the tenderest voice in reality.

Words consciously interpret themselves in association; images linger in the mind and can’t be wiped away. Is this an imitation game, or a love poem of early youth? Neither; it is the journey of the sufferers, a tree in heaven, the thin air in flashbacks, and the cry at birth. Or maybe it is not. In Li Guang’s artistic project “Extra Virgin”, he looked for six chapters and sixteen perspectives. It is a time of travel in the oracle night, the eyes of a frog, and the wings of a dragonfly.

You, as a viewer on site without leads, monitor every move on the other side. He gives out a special signal, the suspended and parallel clues. You talk to yourself on your side just like him yet he knows nothing.

Separation is a testimony. In the reality today, communication might have masked the desire to communicate. The building of parallel universes will never collapse. Here, instead of certain deliberation or results, Li Guang wants to express the start, the beginning. In the roaring glitch noise—you, are his Muse; you, are born on the other side where the night is falling. The beginning is also the ending.