Take it, embrace it





策  展  人:李泊岩

艺  术  家:陈伟才、高岩、胡燕子、李明孝、邵忆丹、王俊、文豪、杨洪、张翔


助       理:葛子菲,刘静娴

开       幕:2018年10月20日(周六)19:30


地      址:重庆市九龙坡区黄桷坪正街 501艺术基地2楼1008号



ARTIST:  CHEN Weicai, GAO Yan, HU Yanzi, LI Mingxiao, SHAO Yidan, WANG Jun, WEN Hao, YANG Hong, ZANG Xiang


ASSISTANTS:  GE Zifei, LIU Jingxian

OPENING: 19:30 (Sat.)  20  October 2018

TIME: 20/10/2018 - 10 /11/2018

LOCATION:No.1008, 501 Art Centre, Huangjueping Street of Jiulongpo Region, Chongqing, China






Comparing the exhibition hall to a container is really a brilliant conception in the history of exhibition in the last century. Due to this analogy, art is not just an artwork, it is anything that a container can contain. When the range is widened, it is unpredictable to see what kind of art could be endured by exhibition space. When the boundary of art is blurred by infinite possibilities, it is even more difficult to find the accurate expression of ideas, more and more art would be failed. Here, we will conduct a exploration of "reverse gear" through a limited game rule. The curator tried to overthrow the rules of regular logic through anti-rules, but in the end opened up a new type of tolerance, that is, the possibility of unlimited plots.

This might be a space connecting the up and down. The curator's proposition is completed by the artist while each artist's work is determined by other artists, which brings on an inexplicable consensus that the art decided by others is almost the same. The artists have shown their suspicion and resistance, but the suspicion and resistance is very positive. When the curator attempts to give up the power to make decisions, the artists may also give up their right to create, or completely hand over the creation right to others. Finally, the output would be a number of demarcated circles, and the sites intervened by powers.

The house of tolerance(take it, embrace it), also happens to be a metaphor of "lightness of tolerance". Art space, curator, and artists have become those who "wait alone, take it all" in the seemingly cooperative game. As for the ultimate meaning of the exhibition, perhaps just like what Shao Yidan said: if you think about it, there is nothing to say.