Kiss and Tel



Kiss and Tel



Opening  2018.4.29 16:00






Publisher:Xu Shurui

Curator:Li Boyan

Artist:Cui Yi, Liu Libin, Sun Cunming , Zhang Si



Venue: Sun Sun Art ,2-27 Mian San Creative District, Haihe East Road, Hedong District, Tianjin




The exhibition discusses the relationship between art and restriction, as well as the significance of art breaking restrictions. Every breaking through art would lead art into a stable historical development. During the process from the breakthrough to when a principle is established, accompanying the collapse of a set of rules’ restriction, the personal ambition of the artist would be reflected. Besides the popular aesthetic preferences ingrained in general public, the restriction lies in the constraint installed by people during certain period in some region. The name of the exhibition is borrowed from the symbolic images in Notorious directed by Hitchcock in 1946. Because the long shoot of the kissing scene in the film would have violated the Hays Code, the harshest film censorship at that moment, the director inserted scenes of telephone and dialogues unrelated to the context to keep the kissing scene within three minutes. It was not only a segment of the two main characters flirting, but also a romantic and clever retaliation against the restriction. In our exhibition, we borrow this scenario triggered by the pair of elements, Kiss and Tel, to recap the ingeniousness before a principle becomes established and the restriction differences originated from regional cultural divergence.