Old New Stand



Old New Stand





开幕:2016.12.10 3pm




Director of the Stand: Li boyan

Initiator:Zhou Yue

Artists: Ci Gen Group, Gong Yuwei, Fu Shuai, Gao Yu, Ren Han, Ren Jie, Wang Xuanhe, Xiaolonghua, Xiong Yanjun, Zheng Yi, and Zhou Yue

Opening Reception: December 12, 2016 at 3PM

Exhibition Duration: December 10 – 25, 2016

Location: Vacuum Gallery, North Dorm of Ring Rail Area, 1 Jiuxianqiao N Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing





A Chinese Couplet:

The first line: The new and the old, picked up everywhere, fill a drawer up

The second line: The old and the new, accumulated overtime, stuff a room full

The heading: Sleep standing up




The speed of manufacturing industry increases rapidly day by day until it reaches certain point. Inflation is nothing more than the obese falling sick and need to lose weight. It is like the expansion of super city, with wasteland scattering around and abandoned products becoming the burden of the city. They were overlooked and discarded, and then cleared and digested by the city’s cleaning system. Among trash and cultural relics, those called Old Things, kept by individuals, flicker occasionally as time passes. Yet, because of the fast upgrading speed of commercial products, xi xin yan jiu (Chinese idiom 喜新厌旧, meaning being fond of the new and tired of the old) becomes something normal and accepted, instead of being criticized. With the development of the exploration of internet space, it affects the public’s understanding of new and old products. One the one hand, group pressure was released. There have been more ways and it has been much easier to get products. The replacement of the old by the new is unprecedented. The spiritual value of nostalgia has transformed into individual’s preservation from museum science in the past. On the other hand, internet has led to the concentration and inflation of culture. It homogenized the majority’s material aesthetic, brought by economic globalization. Unable to distinguish the new from the old becomes the difficulty in recognition.

Nowadays, with images more accessible and affordable, image consumption era has become a new living experience build up by internet logic. Ready-made Image is way of human beings passively accept art. It disturbs the sensory perception people used to have when they visited museums. It cannot compare to the emotion bestowed by Ready-made Art. Yet, what we could see is art trying to give this process new importance: with the development of globalization, art work gradually transforms into a new form, which works on individual’s relationship from the perspective of the relationship between humans, instead of humans and products. The controversy of the relationship focuses on whether it is to use it or depend on it.