Li Boyan (b.1984), independent curator. He graduated from Department of Traditional ChinesePainting, Tianjin Academy of Fine Art in 2006. In the year 2012 he founded the nonprofit art institute Space Regeneration Projects. He was the curator of the public exhibition unit of theSanxingdui Drama Festival in 2017, the curator of the public space performanceunit of the Shenzhen contemporary Theatre Biennale in 2018, and the ExperientalUnite of The Seventh Jinan International Biennial. Recent curated exhibitions include“TYPING...‌”(AC Gallery, Beijing,2019), “The Glowing Warmth” (XC.Hua Gallery, Beijing,2019 ), “Take it, embrace it” (501XU-SPACE,Chongqing, 2018),  “SNAKE ARMS” ( CIPA Gallery, Beijing,2018 ), “BAD NEW DAYS AHEAD”(TAIKANG Space Beijing ,2017), “Deconstructing Buyology: remaking to resist in an age of consumption”(Baitasi Hutong Art Gallery, Beijing, 2017), “Portraits of Tito” (MoShang Experiment, Beijing, 2017), “ISBN:9787214056061”(Vacuum Gallery,Beijing, 2016), “Trio” (Art Museum of Nanjing Universityof the Art, Nanjing, 2015).

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