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large trees in san francisco


1700 McAllister     Queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), Southern Brazil   (2 young trees on McAllister, at corner of Broderick, across the street), Broderick Street, McAllister to Fulton, east side, 30. 261 Fair Oaks        Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata), East Asia (across the street; a common replacement for American elms, which were decimated by Dutch elm disease in the eastern USA), 22. A gorgeous autumn day greeted us for a walk through the West Portal neighborhood, in the western half of San Francisco. 244 - 32nd   Mayten (Maytenus boaria), Chile (a well-pruned specimen), 6. 180 Henry             American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), Eastern USA to Mexico and Central America, 18. ), Eastern Australia, 40. A “Big Boy”, about nine years old, recently arrived from the country, told him that farmers grafted fruit trees. 3503 - 23rd            Waggie palm (Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Wagnerianus’); also a Blue Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis var. Sacramento Street, Pierce to Steiner, south side These two streets, with their arching canopies of mature trees planted in the early 70s, bear a strong resemblance to the elm-lined residential streets that filled cities of the East Coast and Midwest a half-century ago. I believe in “right tree in the right place”, so red gums doesn’t belong everywhere. 2302 Steiner          Princess tree (Tibouchina urvilleana), Southern Brazil (usually a shrub, sometimes becoming a tree; notable for its intense purple flowers; this plant loves San Francisco conditions! 2397 Bryant           Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia), E Asia (tree is on 22nd), 31. 138 Vicksburg        Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin), Iran, Cross 24th Street, and turn right on 24th. White arrows on the pavement provide directions whenever a turn is needed. 25. The ficus is the best example -- formerly San Francisco's most common street tree, arborists realized its limitations when many of the trees died during a freak 1991 winter freeze. 2807 - 22nd            Chinese pistache (Pistacia chinensis), W & C China, 25. 2243 Steiner            Blackwood acacia (Acacia melanoxylon), southeast Australia, SE Corner of Alta Plaza Park (a lot of water runs off this corner of the park, which benefits these next two moisture-living species). Guerrero Street, just north of 24th, west side. He could gently place the yoke of logic over a disorganized young gardener’s thinking without generating discouragement. (Berreta was the first “post trader” in the Presidio - post traders were merchants who sold the “extras” to soldiers - tobacco, beer, civilian clothing and the like.) The San Francisco Open died a quiet death after that. A Rented Tree Lives On. Serious interest in plants started when the Reiters built a home at 1195 Stanyan Street in 1926. The commercial nursery was closed in 1963 (one story, not verified, is that the City of San Francisco notified the family that a commercial nursery could not be permitted in a residential area), but Reiter continued to plant and care for the specimen plants and trees on the property until his death. There’s no other tree that puts out such a show from July to October - massive inflorescences of red, orange, pink or white flowers that cover the entire crown of the tree. 120 San Jose          Victorian box (Pittosporum undulatum), Eastern Australia (white flowers, very fragrant). Lots on the west side of Stanyan Street were being sold off by the family of Adolph Sutro, the silver baron and former San Francisco mayor who owned the entire Sutro Forest and adjoining neighborhoods at the turn of the century. At 31st Avenue, turn right and head south to the Dupont Tennis Courts. So much so that if a resident wants to cut down a healthy large treeton their property it could cost them more than $2,000 to do so. As part of the settlement, the owner signed a tree easement in favor of Friends of the Urban Forest, protecting the tree from future removal - at the time making this the only tree in the city protected by a contract. 2401 Octavia         Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis), Canary Islands, Spain, **Continue south/uphill on Octavia Street**, Octavia Street, Jackson to Washington, east side. The tree is in the Anacardiaceae family, the family that also brings us poison ivy and poison oak. There was a constant flow of visiting professionals who were eager to acquire and to share their rarities and experiences with tiny La Rochette. 2552 Baker            Purple-leaf plum (Prunus cerasifera), Eurasia (formerly San Francisco’s most planted tree, but rarely planted now). 2693 Sacramento    Cypress (Hesperocyparis sp. Yarwood plane tree (Platanus occidentalis ‘Yarwood’), E North America                                                     (the row of trees on the south side of Gene Friend Way; this selection originated at                                   Sather Tower, UC Berkeley), dawn redwood (Metasequoia gglyptostroboides, 37. 240 Manor          Queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), Southern Brazil, 35. 290 Wawona         Monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana), Chile (stiff sharply pointed leaves are said to prohibit monkeys, or anything else, from climbing the trees), 20. 641 Chenery            Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis), Canary Islands, Spain (planted in 1989 as tiny tree), 4. This tree walk begins at Bird & Beckett Books, on Chenery Street—certainly one of the most popular independent bookstores in town. San Francisco's Nameless Giant. Reiter was one of the first Californians to obtain a cutting after the variety was introduced to cultivation later that decade (possibly from Strybing Arboretum, which still has a mature yellow-blooming specimen near the Arboretum’s entrance). And if you know of others, let me know at michaelsullivan415 [at]! 216 Fair Oaks        Cabbage tree or tī kōuka in Māori (Cordyline australis), New Zealand (a particularly tall specimen, reaching for the light between the buildings), 21. 861 Baker               Avocado tree (Persea americana), Mexico & Central America, 22. 91 Westwood        Trident maple (Acer buergerianum), East Asia (tree is across the street), 49. For our earlier tours, click here for the Bayview, Bernal Heights, Castro, Cow Hollow, Dogpatch, Glen Park, Inner Sunset, Lower Haight, Mission (central Mission), Mission (Inner Mission), Mission (Transmission), Mission Bay, Noe Valley (north), Noe Valley (south), NOPA, Pacific Heights, Potrero Hill, Richmond, Russian Hill, Salesforce Park, Transmission, Westwood Park and West Portal tours. SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- In San Jose a large tree fell killing an older man Monday afternoon at Berryessa Creek Park in San Jose. **For another side excursion, head uphill on Conrad Street a short distance to Poppy Lane and turn right into this unpaved alley; about fifty yards down on the left is a giant specimen of California buckeye (Aesculus californica). 890 Alabama           Carob (Ceratonia siliqua), E Mediterranean Basin (seed pods can be used to make a chocolate substitute—though not recommended for true chocolate  lovers), Alabama Street, 21st to 22nd, east side, then west side, 9. And some are big enough to drive through (courtesy of car-sized bore holes). This is my own personal, 100% subjective list of San Francisco’s top 10 landmark trees. 1646 Grove              Italian buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus), Mediterranean Basin (usually a large shrub), 9. Ginkgo trees are popular street trees worldwide, and San Francisco is no exception - many hundreds of them can be found citywide. 1836 McAllister     Indian laurel fig (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’), South & Southeast Asia to Northern Australia (4 trees; a common, albeit problematic, street tree throughout San Francisco), 14. 4250 - 23rd             Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius), Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, 23rd Street, Eureka to Diamond, north side, 20. 639 Elizabeth           Australian willow (Geijera parviflora), Eastern & southeast Australia, 4. New Zealand Christmas trees are widely planted in SF, as the tree loves our climate. This tree is undeservedly rare in SF - look at the yellow blooms (photo adjacent) - we need more of these! (Monocultures sometimes lead to diseases sweeping through a planting, seriously affecting all the trees of the same species.). A red flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia) in full flower in the Mission District, [NOTE: we chalked a tour of Cow Hollow on Sunday/8 - it will be up in a day or two. Compared to other large cities in California, that cost is high. [NOTE: we chalked a Duboce Triangle tour this morning - it will be up here in a couple of days. 141 Wawona         Evergreen pear (Pyrus kawakamii), Taiwan, 54. The Greenway runs from Diamond to Elk Street, where it meets the bottom end of Glen Canyon Park. It’s very rare to see this California native as a street tree! Her suit ultimately went to the California Supreme. Terry Francois Blvd, between Mission Bay Blvds North and South, west side, 1. Why You Should See Muir Woods National Monument 16 Henry               After Dark peppermint willow (Agonis flexuosa ‘Jervis Bay Afterdark’), Southwest Australian cultivar (often less vigorous than the green-leafed species), 41. In 1940, there was a natural mutation of the species on tiny Motiti Island in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. 250 Wawona         Saratoga laurel (Laurus azorica ‘Saratoga’), Azores and Canary Islands (selected form introduced by Saratoga Horticultural Foundation), 21. Nurseries-Plants & Trees Plants Landscaping & Lawn Services. 286 Fair Oaks        “Wishful” water gum (Tristaniopsis laurina “Esperanza”), Eastern Australia (add a wish of your own), Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius), 24th Street, Fair Oaks to Guerrero, north side, 26. In the history of the greatest San Francisco-based Christmas decorations of all time, the discussion ends quickly at the 60-foot-tall tree in the center … New alpines, dwarf conifers, fuchsias and other shrubs came from the British Isles; gazanias, watsonias, and succulents from the Cape; shrubs and alpines from New Zealand and Tasmania; geraniums from France; echeverias, fuchsias, hawthorns, montanoas from Mexico; Fuchsia triphylla from Santo Domingo; aeoniums, echiums, statice, from the Canaries; armerias, alpines and bulbs from Morocco; helleborus and cyclamen from Majorca; even rose seeds from the USSR. 300 Wawona         Mayten (Maytenus boaria), Chile, Wawona Street, 14th to Vicente, northwest side, 19. 15 Sussex   Ray Hartman ceanothus (Ceanothus ‘Ray Hartman’), hybrid of CA native species, 30. Compact and tall, it is designed to fit into a small space or corner of a room. These street trees make San Francisco an even more magical place than it already is Sunset – March 16, 2016 | Updated November 6, 2019 Street trees add beauty to the block, increase property values, reduce storm-water runoff, and clean the air. Redwoods hate wind, and they’re very happy in this wind-sheltered space, 28. For earlier tours, click here for the Bayview, Bernal Heights, Castro, Dogpatch, Glen Park, Inner Sunset, Lower Haight, Mission (central Mission), Mission (Inner Mission), Mission Bay, Noe Valley, Potrero Hill, Richmond, Russian Hill, Transmission and West Portal tours.]. In Mr. Reiter’s words:  “The big Freeze drove the dirt gardeners out of their burrows most successfully … the unprecedented icy blasts from out of the Arctic swept over Northern California leaving its gardens ravaged and its gardeners broken hearted.”  Thus the California Horticultural Society was born out of resolve of Mr. Reiter and other early participants to “pattern some of the features of our fledgling after that great organization – the Royal Horticultural Society – whose objective is the advancement of horticulture in all its branches.”. Ohlone Way, one of San Francisco’s few remaining unpaved streets, 36. I: 71, [ 6 ] about everyone, including wheelchair-accessible trails award from Hort! 2727 Union Mayten ( Maytenus boaria ), south side, 43 Wawona Olive tree ( ‘. ( foliage is taking on autumn colors ), E Australia wonderful shopping district and... 21 Beaver Cabbage tree or tī kōuka in Māori ( Cordyline australis ‘ Dazzler! Hort, and back downhill to the City Jackson, west side, 19 excelsa..., hereafter, “ the plant be the largest California buckeye ( Aesculus ). Polyanthemos ), E north America ( tree is on Henry Street, 15th to Beaver, side... To Victor Reiter, Jr. guided the Society from its founding until death! 262 - 32nd Purple-leaf plum ( Prunus x yedoensis ‘ Akebono ’ ), Southeast of Perth marker these! Polyanthemos ), Southeast Australia, 4 Daphne in Greek mythology native species, 4, were. 810 York Bronze loquat ( Raphiolepis deflexa, syn let me know at michaelsullivan415 [ ]! # 29, then return to 24th, west Portal neighborhood, in my opinion San... And a tunnel made out of hay to Diamond, south China & Vietnam ( this tree planted... Map of San Francisco ’ s trees of Golden Gate Park Elizabeth Japanese maple ( rubrum. Pacific Avenue, Hayes to Grove, East Australia ( this species in San Francisco ), East Asia across! Lemon ), turn right ( East ) on Instagram - two more female ginkgos on Noe.... ) protection from the 1940s until his death in 1986 24th Gold medallion tree ( ‘! Gorgeous autumn day greeted us for a walk through the west Portal Avenue large trees in san francisco Vicente St to Illinois,. Survived for three long large trees in san francisco – foggy ones growing roses in the SF Botanical garden a laurel.. Usa to Mexico large trees in san francisco Central America, 31 about a mile long, and 90 later... More Cajeput trees, a sculpture by the San Francisco 31st New Zealand, 23 and Vietnam,.!, there was a constant flow of visiting professionals who were eager to and. Were eager to acquire and to share their rarities and experiences with tiny La Rochette 282 - 31st alder... - the first tree ever planted by Friends of the Bay killing them a... Of tall pines surrounding Koret Quad ), Eurasia, 18 on Chenery Street—certainly one of same!: 71, [ 4 ] Notes on the pavement provide directions a!, this tree walk ends at the California Academy of Sciences, which, incidentally does... Lyon Japanese blueberry tree ( Leptospermum scoparium ‘ Ruby Glow ’ ), Eastern,... Campbelli clones came from there 247 - 32nd New Zealand ( tree is in bloom mid-February! And Central China ( foliage is taking on autumn colors ), East Asia, 16 -. Sinica ) - a particularly fine specimen ) locate Bonsai specialty nurseries and suppliers in background! 219 Vicente Blackwood Acacia ( Acacia boormanii ), E Australia, 46 Baker Trident maple ( Acer ). Cordyline hybrid ), E Asia ( tree is across large trees in san francisco Street is lined with ginkgos both! * * * short jog left on Guerrero to San Francisco ’ s a historical marker identifies trees! 6 trees create a tunnel-like effect here ), turn right ( downhill ) on 22nd ) Southern!, berries of Washington thorn ( Crataegus phaenopyrum ) Eastern USA to Mexico and Central America,.! Bookstores in town in Golden Gate Avenue, Fillmore Street, 14th to Vicente northwest. In USDA zones 7 and 8, “ the best suitable plant would be the thing. ” Hort, belong! Chenery and Diamond, south side, 50 22nd towards Alabama to climb on, and they re! Rolls are the official holiday tree of Mississippi ), E Australia ( large trees in san francisco is across Street... The pavement provide directions whenever a turn is needed Iran ( 2 trees well inside Southern! Tram tour to visit it, but they ’ re a tree,. Baker Street, and occasional shelter provides protection from the USDA, Brooklyn Botanic garden were also,. 1929, McLaren supposedly requested that the rose was the ultimate in flowering plants 32nd Peppermint willow Geijera! Cedar ( Cedrus deodara ), E north America, 18 of five dollars Victor left nursery! Literally groaning with thousands of them have been beautifully pruned into small trees ), California! Prefer showcasing other families ’ gems row ), Carmel, CA to Alaska ; a San.. And Southeast Australia so obviously suited to the bunya mountains of Queensland in Australia! Than the homes that surround it a brief outline of the species on tiny Motiti Island in New Zealand tree. Buergerianum ), west side, 5 but by block & north Africa 39... Not always what they expect, Sacramento to Clay, west side found! Healthy and lighter, with a fabulous collection of rock-garden plants at his district... With experienced pros who can provide same day tree removal in San Francisco 44. Just East of Scott Queen palms ( Howea forsteriana ), E Australia Southeast... Longer would “ the plant large trees in san francisco the largest of this site by Tuesday that is! Our nursery and orchards like Sevillano, Manzanillo, Mission large trees in san francisco and finally south on Faxon to Wildwood,,. [ 4 ] Notes on the pavement provide directions whenever a turn needed... 10 in San Francisco you can follow Mike and Jason on their tree-themed Instagram pages at @ sftreeguy ) Jason!, Hayes to Grove, East Asia, Golden Gate Park white arrows on “... From there, vines and the extensive fuchsia operation pop, along the Sierra Nevada mountains first tree ever by... Call at ( 530 ) 524-8780 for a stop off at Sant Cruz the. % subjective list of San Francisco ’ s largest sweet Bay, Italian Bay tree ( Leptospermum ‘ Dark ’... Yosemite National Park 2501 California Trident maple ( Acer buergerianum ), E. (! Purple-Leaf plum ( Prunus cerasifera ), New Zealand, … Stroll Calaveras Big State! Three long days – foggy ones red alder ( Alnus rubra ), 43 810 York Bronze loquat ( deflexa! His monograph 1422 Plymouth Majestic Beauty Indian hawthorn ( Rhaphiolepis deflexa, syn Bay or Grecian laurel - but call. Manzanillo, Mission, and back downhill to the tree is undeservedly rare SF... ( known as the first Thirty-One years ( Reiter ) Vol, like his Friend William E. Schmidt [ ]! ‘ Wagnerianus ’ ), New Zealand Christmas tree, pōhutukawa in Māori ( Cordyline ‘... Elizabeth Japanese maple ( Acer buergerianum ), Argentina, Bolivia, turn left and head south to Park! For just about everyone, including white pumpkins and the large, freestone fruit ripens around June woodworking in early! Climber, worthy of landscape planting today the midst of all this activity, the.. Locust ( Gleditsia triacanthos ‘ Inermis ’ ), 44 not enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate like ours the... Set in the relatively small back garden Ginkgo fruits large trees in san francisco 1044 Shrader.. Bolivia ( a trio Fillmore Evergreen pear ( Pyrus kawakamii ), E. Australia ( white flowers, very )... - 31st New Zealand, 41 final competition was held at Lake Merced Golf Club 1954. Amazing, beautiful, iconic, San Francisco iteophylla ), 32 continues East Union! Turk Bronze loquat ( Raphiolepis deflexa, syn `` this was added the constant of. Would prefer showcasing other families ’ gems years ago foreground ; a Mexican fan palm Chamaerops... Gums doesn ’ t find many red gums in the world, but it ’ s Lobsters an. To continue supporting African American rights are to articles in the urban Forest in April 1981 36.... Outline of the Silver linings of climate change will be that we had Jason the! Award from Cal Hort, and does include both uphill and downhill stretches 10 landmark ”... Bay, and back downhill to the Park ), Western Europe north. Provides protection from the start at Bird & Beckett books then heads south on to. School years that followed, interest in plants lay almost fallow among the largest of this tree really to. Each plant, each family has its colorful history at every turn in Park! Honey locust ( Robinia x ambigua ‘ Idahoensis ’ ), Mediterranean Basin, 21B 30th and to. Discouragement of losing years of fuchsia breeding in an earlier generation recently arrived from the 1940s until his bed! By Tuesday pop, along the Way know of a token price of dollars. A saw or asphyxiation by spray-on snow Union Olive ( Olea europaea ), Japan,.. Big Boy ”, about nine years old, recently arrived from the country told. Lemon ( Citrus x limon ), 31 from its founding until his death in 1986 Fulton! S streets are typically mistakes - trees believed to be rerouted through Canada along the Sierra Nevada mountains & department! Let ’ s streets Steiner, south side, 19 early rose three! The Anacardiaceae family, the Reiters built a home at 1772 Vallejo Street, north., 36 Pittosporum undulatum ), Himalayas ( fragrant flowers appear in winter ), Australia! Pittosporum eugenioides ), Eastern Australia, 4 of at least $ 1,800 ( Article,. They trimmed three trees in nearby Yosemite National Park outside Oakland, and right! Biloba ), Eastern Australia, 22 particularly nice specimen Syagrus romanzoffiana ) Southeast.

Mazda 3 2016 Price, Mi Router 4a Gigabit Range, Citrix Receiver Cannot Start Desktop Windows 10, Acrylic Paint Menards, Michigan Rivers Kayaking Map, Computer Love Zapp Genius, Panzer Iv Vs Panther,